Conference Special Issues Free Until March 2012!

22 11 2011

The 7 special issues prepared for the conference, consisting of over 100 articles from top Wiley-Blackwell journals, will remain free until March 2012.  We have resolved the access problems, and hope that everyone will take full advantage of this valuable content.

The conference ends…but discussion continues.

21 11 2011

Image credit: Jerry Segraves

Thanks to everyone who has made this event such a success – speakers, authors, discussants, and delegates.  It’s been great to see the vibrant, international discussions going on!  We hope that you have found it stimulating and useful.  You are welcome to continue the discussions here, we will keep moderating comments.  The keynote addresses and publishing workshops will remain available.  Please help us to improve future conferences by taking part in our post-conference survey to follow!

Special Issue 7 now live

20 11 2011

Image Credit: Jean-Pol GRANDMONT (Wikimedia Commons)

We are delighted to announce that today’s special issue is now live, containing several high-quality articles based on the conference theme. Access to the articles is completely free.

An Evolutionary Account of Suicide Attacks: The Kamikaze Case
John Orbell, Tomonori Morikawa
Political Psychology

Identity Theory and Foreign Policy: Explaining Japan’s Responses to the 1991 Gulf War and the 2003 U.S. War in Iraq
Amy L. Catalinac
Politics & Policy Read the rest of this entry »

Publishing Workshop: Why Write a Review Paper? And how to do it!

20 11 2011

By Mike Bradshaw, Professor of Human Geography, University of Leicester

In this podcast Mike explains why you should consider publishing review articles and provides some practical tips to consider for authors when writing.

Once you have listened to our podcast let us know what you think!

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About The Encyclopedia of Peace Psychology

20 11 2011

The Encyclopedia of Peace Psychology, available online or as a three-volume print set, is a state-of-the-art resource featuring almost 300 entries contributed by leading international scholars that examine the psychological dimensions of peace and conflict studies.





  • First reference work to focus exclusively on psychological analyses and perspectives on peace and conflict
  • Cross-disciplinary, linking psychology to other social science disciplines
  • Includes nearly 300 entries written and edited by leading scholars in the field from around the world
  • Examines key concepts, theories, methods, issues, and practices that are defining this growing field in the 21st century
  • Includes timely topics such as genocide, hate crimes, torture, terrorism, racism and child abuse
  • A valuable reference for psychologists, and scholars, students, and practitioners in peace and conflict studies
View sample content here now.

Program Preview: 20 Nov.

20 11 2011

This is the final day of the conference, but you are free to continue the online discussions after the official closing.  We hope that you have enjoyed the event and gained something useful from it. A post-conference opinion survey will follow.  We’d be very grateful for your feedback, which will help us to design future conferences.  (Note: you will need to complete the survey in order to receive the Certificate of Attendance.)

9am ‘Punic Wars’ (Encyclopedia of War) Dexter Hoyos 

2pm ‘Genocide and Mass Killing’ (Encyclopedia of Peace Psychology) Ervin Staub

 3pm Publishing Workshop: ‘Why Write a Review Paper? And how to do it!’ Mike Bradshaw

 6pm Virtual Issue 7



BOOK ENTRY: ‘Genocide and Mass Killing’

20 11 2011

Ervin Staub

To read this book entry for free just Read the rest of this entry »


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