Conference Special Issues Free Until March 2012!

22 11 2011

The 7 special issues prepared for the conference, consisting of over 100 articles from top Wiley-Blackwell journals, will remain free until March 2012.  We have resolved the access problems, and hope that everyone will take full advantage of this valuable content.



5 responses

22 11 2011
J Stamp

Thank you. It’ll take me till next March to read them all!

23 11 2011
Lucie Bettez

Thank you so much for given me the opportunity to “assist” at the conference without leaving my office. I have downloaded almost everything that was posted and just like the previous person, I’ll be able to read the articles at my own speed.

Lucie Bettez

24 11 2011
Christopher Davis

Thanks very much for this. It will give me the opportunity to read things outside of my immediate range. The conference itself was quite enriching. I look forward to being able to absorb and respond to the work across the coming weeks.

25 11 2011
Thangboi Zou

Thank you very much. This is a useful material for my own reaserch work. Great job

6 11 2012
Almpoura Efstratia

Thank you so much for this rare opportunity to participate in this Conference behind our c/ter screens. The topics are of great interest, constructive discussions promote science, and offered access to articles make this Conference very exciting and productive!

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